The company founder Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Reinhold A. Wanner describes Wanner GmbH as his professional life goal. After his apprenticeship as an electrician, his university studies in electrical engineering and further studies such as international welding engineer, auditor, M&A manager and trainer for top manager courses, Mr. Wanner has had an interesting career. In addition to the very broad practical expertise, he has also been able to acquire various business management qualifications. The stations of his career were well chosen, so that they cover for example the following ranges:

  • from unit numbers 1 in special machine construction to medium unit numbers in machine & equipment construction to unit numbers in the millions in the small electrical appliance and supplier industry
  • from companies in a growth spurt to a GmbH (limited liability company) which he has put back on its feet after several years of crisis and insolvency
  • from rather regional or national business over European up to international business and especially also decades of experience in Asia
  • from B2B to B2C business
  • from electrician to development engineer to sole managing director of an internationally operating company with customers in aerospace, automotive, defense and renewable energies



Based on this wealth of experience, Mr. Wanner founded an engineering office as a sideline as early as 2005 with the aim of actively passing on what he had learned and experienced.



In 2013, the full independence with the GmbH was then realized and since then the team of Wanner GmbH supports people and companies to be even more successful and to raise the maximum potential. Each employee of Wanner has to bring a wealth of experience and do their part to ensure that practical experience can be passed on to customers in a very individual and practical way and challenges can be solved effectively.

From hour zero, Mr. Wanner and his team have addressed the issues that were seen as the biggest challenges facing medium-sized businesses in 2013:

  • Lack of successors
  • Economic problems
  • Poor processes
  • Inadequate employee management
  • Lack of expertise
  • Missing or insufficient strategic company direction
  • Lack of founders
  • Closure of companies due to lack of acquirers or investment options
  • Lack of specialists & managers

Since the knowledge in all these areas was available and gradually expanded with experienced employees, Wanner brings the “solutions” for most challenges of medium-sized companies. Mr. Wanner makes this clear with a simple example: “If you have an entrepreneur as a customer,

  • who has a successor, but who does not yet have all the necessary competencies, then we train him or her
  • who does not have a successor, then we find him the successor candidate
  • who doesn’t feel like it anymore and is looking forward to the next phase of his life, then we sell his company at surprisingly good conditions.”

In 2013, it started with technical companies and in the retail sector. After that, the area of M&A, consulting and training companies with 1 to 500 employees became clients and in the human resources area even corporate groups with several tens of thousands of employees were added. Since the challenges can be found across all industries, Wanner serves almost all sectors. Even notaries are among his clients, who – like all other “companies” – have the same issues.

Even though Wanner sees itself as a local company, it has already served clients in Baden-Württemberg, Saxony as well as North Rhine-Westphalia in addition to Bavaria. In the course of the projects, the international experience was again in demand and so Mr. Wanner was often abroad for customers, which brought him not only again in connection with Asia, but even to Saudi Arabia.


Wanner GmbH was a sponsor for the first time at the SG BR OPEN in GC Pleiskirchen, the golf tournament on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation.


In 2017, the Wasserburg entrepreneur Toni Meggle and the jury of his “Meggle Founder Award” also recognized this important function of Wanner in medium-sized businesses and awarded it a prize. With the support of Wanner, Meggle thus supports hundreds of companies that seek advice from Wanner.

The values, the mission and the vision of Wanner reflect very well the aspiration of the founder. more >


The company’s fifth anniversary was duly celebrated together with customers and service providers: Lectures by top-class speakers such as the MDL Günther Knoblauch, Mr. Dr. Walter Obenaus, former presiding judge at the regional labor court, the head of the IHK Mühldorf Mr. Herbert Prost and the head of the training center of the HWK Mr. Jochen Englmeier. The press and regional television were also present.


Due to the progressing digitalization and shift of tasks from presence to online, a professional photo and video studio was set up at Wanner GmbH. This forms the foundation for the future digital publications and trainings of Wanner GmbH and is an innovative additional benefit for the customers.

Furthermore, the outdoor & indoor location for customer events was completed.

By creating a completely new online presence, Wanner has adapted its website to today’s requirements. Content wise the manifold available references and customer testimonials of the last 8 years were included. The design was adapted to the innovative company.

Furthermore, the team of Wanner GmbH was strengthened by top trained young employees.


In order to provide the knowledge of Wanner GmbH even more efficient as well as very personal for selected specialists and executives, the “Wanner Zukunftswerkstatt” (Wanner Future Workshop) was opened. In the hands-on workshop environment, short technical presentations will be presented, covering important basics as well as current trends and solutions on hot topics of the industry. In addition to the practice-oriented topics and numerous examples, the “Zukunftswerkstatt” also offers the opportunity for personal exchange for managers and entrepreneurs from the region and beyond.

After clarification of the topicality of the CI/CD, two trademark applications were successfully carried out to secure the Wanner brand on the market.