Company sale

Sales can be motivated in different ways. Most often, these are succession planning issues or strategic spin-offs of company divisions (carve-outs).

We handle the entire sales process for the owner so that their day-to-day business is not affected by this strategic project. This begins with the joint definition of the units to be sold, including the desired conditions, the specification of the potentially desired group of buyers, as well as the agreement and preparation of the professional process and time plan. Furthermore, a professional company valuation is ensured, which can be used to determine the sales price to be achieved. After the preparation of the informative sales documents and the search for potential buyers, a professional support of the takeover is ensured. Some milestones are, for example, the diplomatic conduct of negotiations and thus the achievement of an attractive sales price, as well as the execution of a low-risk and transparent due diligence.

Due to decades of international experience in conducting negotiations and identifying and winning strategic buyers, we typically achieve a sales price that exceeds expectations and also makes project costs a secondary matter.

Company acquisition

We take on national as well as international mandates to search for suitable companies or parts of companies so that our clients can realize strategic acquisitions. This can be just as useful for gaining know-how or employees as for inorganic growth. The acquisition of a competitor can also be a motivation to significantly improve their market position. To name just a few triggers. Similar to the sale of a company, the complete process can be professionally accompanied, from identifying potential buyers until the final price negotiations and handing over of the target company.


In addition to buying or selling a company, investments can also be an option. Especially when companies need more capital due to cost-intensive innovative new developments or massive other investments, a participation can be a solution to quickly get new capital. In this case, it makes sense to look for a strategic investment, which usually brings other advantages in addition to capital. For example, we have already succeeded several times in opening up distribution channels or lucrative purchasing sources in addition to capital through the investment.

Strategy consulting

Before any far-reaching decision is made in the company, the data situation and other important factors should be considered and – away from the day-to-day business – a neutral opinion obtained. This can be done by an installed supervisory board as well as by an outside managing director. Provided that he is familiar with the mechanisms and processes in the relevant area. It makes sense and is advisable to seek expert advice when making important decisions and to consider the issue from different angles. In these cases, we support the owners and/or managing directors and thus help to avoid serious strategic mistakes.

Whether as an alternative to starting a business, investing money, diversifying, accelerating company growth or exiting business. At some point, every entrepreneur has the topic of buying or selling a company on the table. But who provides support for these M&A measures, especially when it comes to smaller or medium-sized companies?

The tax advisor helps with the tax side and the house bank with financial matters. But how do you find a serious buyer or, in the case of interest in buying, a solid company with the will to sell?
Wanner GmbH can advise you on all aspects of the Mergers&Acquisitions business and introduce you to interesting target companies or sell your company at attractive conditions.

Wanner has an international network that can make more than just national deals possible. Especially from succession consulting, interesting opportunities and contacts often arise that will be of interest to both sides – the buyer and the seller.

Discretion and the protection of the client’s interests are of the highest priority in the holistic consulting of Wanner GmbH.

Benefits for buyers

  • Search for attractive companies under the set boundary conditions
  • Recognition of risks through our process called “company check-up”

Benefits for sellers

  • Search for potent buyers who recognize your conditions in the long term
  • Massive increase in value before sale through the Wanner restructuring process

General advantages

  • Intensive and close support throughout the entire process
  • Loyal and discrete processing
  • Defined time horizon
  • Support during the pricing process
  • Intensive cooperation with the involved banks, tax advisors and auditors
  • Support during due diligence and the entire negotiation process
  • Fluent in German and English


The requirements for the accompanying M&A consultant are as individual as the companies themselves. The fee is based on the size of the company, the industry and the specific task.


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