Coaching / Mentoring

In many life or professional situations it is helpful to get professional advice or even to be accompanied in parallel. In order to improve things sustainably and also to understand, coaching or mentoring can be a good “tool”. The Wanner coaching is an individual coaching, which should give you the possibility

  • to work out your goals intensively, uniquely and professionally
  • to work together on your ideas in a holistic, honest and constructive way
  • to achieve creative, empathic and surprising results – your results
  • to open up new perspectives and to pursue them successfully
  • to install your positive changes in life in the long term
  • You are absolutely the center of attention at “Wanner Coaching Exklusiv

Leadership training

The people within the company are the key to sustainable success. However, it is rarely individuals who guarantee success. Usually it is departments or overarching teams that have to “function” in a closely interlocked way. Since not every excellent professional is automatically a leader who unites the team and brings it to peak performance, leadership must be learned and kept up to date just as much as expertise in other disciplines. Our training courses provide fundamental information and perspectives, demonstrate leadership situations in a practical way and train them by means of practical exercise units. All in all, the participants’ leadership skills are developed in a sustainable and memorable way. This is just as important for future managers as it is for experienced managers to expand or refresh their skills.

Wanner not only offers seminars on leadership, but also covers the very important areas of self-organization and being led.

For self-organization, simple and short seminars are offered, as well as sophisticated six-month goal-setting and achievement seminars, which “pay off” through the successes achieved during the project time alone. Leaders in particular – or those who want to become leaders quickly or are looking for success – can quickly learn the mechanisms and the tools to be successful in the long term.

The area of how to be led or the understanding of being led are important in order not to stand in the way of one’s own career or, in the worst case, to constantly lose one’s job. Unfortunately, the affected people themselves usually blame the companies and do not understand why it always hits them and why their CV shows a change every 1 to 2 years. And this is then increasingly the stumbling block to getting another chance in a new company.

Sales training

Every company knows how much its turnover depends on an effective, active sales team. There can be no compromise when it comes to selecting the right sales staff and training them on an ongoing basis! On the one hand, technology and communication strategies must be constantly fine-tuned; on the other hand, it must be constantly ensured that the motivation and persuasiveness of the sales staff are maintained at a high level. Deficits here would have an immediate impact on sales success. In order to support companies in this sensitive area, Wanner has recruited specialists as trainers and developed sophisticated seminars. Nowhere else does training pay off faster than in this segment.

Finding your life's goals

Far too often, we as humans follow our habits and live up to the expectations of others. Sometimes it is teachers, parents, friends or typical social boundary conditions that show us the way. Unfortunately, we usually pay too little attention to impulses that can make us think and plan our lives. Only a few people take their destiny into their own hands, regularly review their path and set a new course accordingly. It is too easy to drift in the sea of life.

In the seminar – or coaching process – “Finding your life’s goals” you will question your path. It can confirm your way, move you to rethink or even lead to serious new course settings in life. It addresses both young people in search of orientation and more mature people who feel the need to reflect on the direction of the path they have chosen. Take your life actively into your own hands and learn a lot about yourself and your environment!

Bio-structural analysis

Success is first created in the mind! In addition to specialist knowledge, social competence and relationship management with customers and employees are becoming increasingly important. Even in the private environment! Through the biostructural analysis you will know more about yourself, you will be able to use your strengths in a more targeted way, you will understand other people better, gain their trust and thus create the conditions to be successful in the long term.

You will learn why we are the way we are and that this is a good thing. On the basis of this knowledge, you can anticipate courses of action and perspectives and show consideration for those around you where it makes sense and is important. But also compensate for weaknesses and create the conditions for good cooperation and leadership.


Manners, style and a positive charisma are a guarantee for your confident appearance – in business as well as in private life. Whether you are a prospective manager or an assistant, a family manager or a businesswoman/man – good manners are an expression of your personality. Experience in this entertaining etiquette training how to open doors and win hearts with a stylish appearance and good manners. A must for anyone who wants to move up into management or has already arrived there! Inspire your partner, advisory board, supervisor, key customers and also your life partner with impeccable behavior at the current etiquette level. Suitable for newcomers as well as a refresher for experienced users. We also offer special seminars in the areas of dinner, business and especially Asia. In Asia we can cover China, Taiwan and Japan.

Project management

Today, in craft and industry, as well as in other areas, many projects and tasks are covered by project managers. However, they often lack preparation and experience. Just because they are a specialist in the field of the company or products, they do not automatically become a successful project leader or manager.

Who showed them what matters and how they can achieve the goals set in the project? Which tools and processes will quickly lead to project success? In most cases, project durations are more important today than costs. We offer  an experienced coach who, coming from research, has been able to gain massive practical experience and thus knows all the pitfalls in the project business not only from theory, but also from practice. Gain project time, save costs and lead your company far ahead or surprise with unimagined profitability.

Quality assurance international

Based on decades of experience in international sourcing and quality assurance, the important mechanisms can be clarified and all the necessary tools can be taught to be able to ensure a clean supply chain from international sources. These are:

  • Deliveries in the defined time
  • in the agreed quantity
  • and at least in the defined quality

Our trainer has been responsible for auditing and qualifying supply chains from China, Japan, Taiwan, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Italy, Germany and other countries for decades. The certified auditor also has worldwide contacts with the neutral auditing organizations, which together with the new processes to be installed in the incoming goods department can ensure that you get what you ordered to the warehouse.

Impressive photos and practical examples make the necessary processes and tools comprehensible. Templates and process overviews are provided. This will enable you to purchase the quality you need at attractive world market prices.

“Learning is like rowing against the current – as soon as you stop, you drift back” (Benjamin Britten).

In principal, every company wants to achieve success and growth. In doing so, it is massively dependent on the skills of its employees. In order to be on the pulse of time and outperform the competition, the continuous training of the employees therefore plays a decisive role. Contrary to the “mass commodity” of other trainers, Wanner GmbH does not rely on mostly anonymous frontal instructions or mass webinars. For Wanner, only trainings that are very individualized and tailored to the acting people and companies as well as imparted by experienced trainers from practice with methodological competence are sustainably successful. These Wanner individualized trainings, for example, show a knowledge transfer rate of over 90%, whereas “off-the-shelf” trainings show only about 30%.

The types of our individual trainings

Depending on your requirements, we offer open and closed trainings. You can choose between individual coaching, small group training (up to 7 people) or group training (from 8 people), workshops with lectures, action days, qualification / post-qualification and the like.

The extent of the trainings

The scope of the training depends on the topic and your wishes. We offer a variety of options here, e.g. construction box training, day projects, half-day projects, etc.

The methods of our trainings

The speaker will suggest the appropriate methodology depending on the company and the topic – stay curious!

Place of implementation

Whether the trainings take place in our offices, in your company or in another location, we decide with you individually.

The speakers

Our speakers all have many years of professional and life experience. They carry the values and vision of Wanner GmbH with full conviction. Holistic, customer-oriented, encouraging and challenging with a high demand on themselves and the customers, our speakers convey their content in a practical and vivid way. In coaching, the focus is on a trusting and open relationship.

The costs

We guarantee high quality, professional preparation and follow-ups as well as intensive support in our trainings. You will receive comprehensive documentation with the contents of the training, a participant certificate and, if applicable, appropriate catering is also included. The costs therefore vary according to the type and scope of the training. We will be happy to prepare an offer for you.

The support

Our team supports you professionally from the first inquiry, during the implementation and beyond the conclusion. You want to participate in one of our trainings or you have a topic that you would like us to develop and implement individually for you from our large “construction kit”? Contact us, we look forward to hearing from you.


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