Recruitment (permanent & interim)

Since 2013, Wanner has specialized in the search for specialists and executives. We reject staff leasing or temporary employment, as our strategy is to bring people and companies together in the long term. In this respect, we help find and retain employees. However, we can offer one exception. If you need a manager, board member or managing director on a temporary basis for management tasks, e.g. because you are planning a trip around the world, an absence due to illness is imminent for a foreseeable period of time, or you are looking for a top manager to restructure a company, we can offer you experienced interim managers from your industry. Our spectrum ranges from people with completed training to technicians, master craftsmen and academics at all hierarchical levels to board members and managing directors.


Our outplacement process accompanies people who are looking for a new challenge, or who need to find one after separating from their employer. The need for accompaniment and intensive support on the way to a new “job” may be self-motivated, or financed by the former employer or part of a severance package. An experienced outplacement coach or HR professional accompanies you throughout the entire process, which is also guided and documented by our nearly 300-page “Outplacement Handbook”.

Employer Branding

In times of a shortage of qualified and motivated specialists and managers, it is not only a professional process for recruiting employees that plays an important role. Rather, today the recruitment and long-term retention of employees must play a paramount role in the company. Because this can only be as good as its employees.

A holistic approach and also – very decisively – the image to the outside world are becoming increasingly important. Today, HR processes in successful companies are set up just as professionally and elaborately as sales processes, for example. Wanner can review your current image as an employer, which you present to the outside world, and work with your HR managers to redesign or expand it so that you are perceived as an attractive employer brand from the outside.

Application & Interview Training

Wanner supports not only companies in the area of human resources, but also private individuals. For example, we maintain a database of people seeking new employment and offer comprehensive advice on job applications and interviews. We can also generate complete, perfect CV’s and prepare you for interviews with potential new employers. This will massively increase your chances of being hired.

Career Planning & Consulting

We offer competent and in-depth support not only for top managers who want to take the next step in their career, but also for pupils, students, skilled workers or young academics. This can range from analysis of their potential and coaching to long-term support on their professional path. Often, the coaching process “Life Goal Finding” is used as a tool, which works out very transparently for each client where the strengths, successes and desires are and shows which professional and – in some cases – also private course should be sensibly set as a result.

The success of a company depends to a large extent on the acting people. If a company does not find the employees, specialists and managers it needs in a timely manner, it suffers a massive competitive disadvantage, loses revenue and can quickly be “overtaken” by market competitors. Especially in times of shortages of specialists & executives, a company should take a holistic approach to recruiting and retaining employees. Wanner GmbH therefore supports its clients in this and offers a wide range of options – as individual as the companies and the people themselves.

We are listening to you

Before taking on a mandate, Wanner examines the triggers for a new vacancy very closely, as well as the requirements that are defined for the position. For example, in addition to the “hard” criteria, blacklists and target lists are also drawn up, and “soft” requirements are queried in order to be able to identify the right approach for you.

Our search concept

An individual search concept is created for each vacancy. Depending on requirements, industry, region, etc., the following exemplary elements can be used to identify the ideal candidate:

Database search

As soon as it is determined that a vacancy needs to be filled from outside, we search for candidates using our internal database and external personnel databases.

Job listings

If there is no “hit” in the databases, a job listing is posted in successful online portals, social media channels, on the Wanner website and in exceptional cases also in print media. Typically, these are about 50 platforms in parallel.

Direct search

For specialists or top management, direct search or headhunting is used. A research team with decades of experience, led by a professional headhunter, identifies the ideal candidates and approaches them. Especially when “replacing” an existing employee or approaching competitors, this is the first choice for reasons of confidentiality.

Creative approach

When it comes to identifying people who are not addressable in the aforementioned media, creative solutions are used, such as notices, distribution cards, lectures, committee visits, etc.

We guide the process

After the identification and pre-selection process, the candidate is introduced to the company and an employment contract is signed. During the entire recruitment phase and the probationary period, companies and applicants are closely supported. If desired, the candidate is also supported over a longer period of time through mentoring, post-qualification or coaching.


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  • Dipl.-Ing. Reinhold A. Wanner

    CEO & Owner

    The trained electrician and studied electrical and welding engineer completed an interesting career in the trades and industry and has been supporting people and companies in being more successful with his team in an extremely practical way since 2013.