Bojko Projektmanagement
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Risk aversion

Professional support for the buyer prevented a ruinous bad investment.

Information provider

Through extensive information and guidance, the buyer was trained in the core processes of a company acquisition.

Too little knowledge on the part of the founder to be able to assess the boundary conditions in the possible acquisition of an offered company.

Problem definition


The founder was closely accompanied in the examination and risk assessment of the company to be potentially acquired, as well as advised on all strategic issues.

“I really liked Mr. Wanner’s tips as an “experienced bunny” and he saved me from making business mistakes with an upcoming investment in the 6-digit euro range. This saved me a lot of “apprenticeship money”.

Mr. Marko Bojko, Owner


Extensive examination of the company to be acquired on site and on the basis of the data available (small pre-due diligence) and very comprehensive support for the founder with answers to all possible overarching questions. The company to be acquired was successful per se, but it had massive risks that a founder would not have been able to handle. The founder was therefore shown the opportunities and risks and given comprehensive advice on all issues.