Byodo Leadership training
Client: Byodo Naturkost GmbH Date: May 1, 2014 Category: View Project

Modern understanding of leadership

The same understanding of guidance could be created in the entire management team through the leadership training. Also the most important “tools” for the daily leadership work could be conveyed.

Exercises from everyday company life

The theory learned was practised using typical leadership situations. Furthermore the participants were able to bring in their own leadership situations. Therefore they could encounter a “model solution” to the topic experienced.

Individualised, highly efficient training

At Wanner there is no “standard presentation” of a training. The content is always adapted to the company and the individual requirements. This is done in order to achieve a high level of efficiency in terms of time commitment and knowledge gain.

Leaders should be raised to a common level in the field of people management and a modern understanding of this should be generated.

Problem definition


Leadership training of the entire management team, including the management, with the very practical seminar “Employee Management in Small and Medium-Sized Businesses”. Not only theory and statistical facts were imparted, but especially many lively examples from practice. These contribute to the understanding and consolidation of what was learned.

“The practical parts with the exercise units were very profitable and help us to deal with our employees even better today. The employees now deal with problem areas more confidently and Byodo has a potential long-term contact partner for personnel issues in Wanner GmbH.”

Mr. Michael Moßbacher, Shareholder


Quality, enjoyment, trusting partnerships and innovative strength have characterised the Bavarian organic delicatessen specialist Byodo. The company was founded in 1985 and the name “Byodo” translates freely from Japanese as “the common path”. This motto forms the core of the company’s philosophy. This is expressed through partnership-based cooperation within the team as well as with customers and suppliers. The effort to achieve the highest level of enjoyment through special quality, which Byodo unites with its long-standing partners, gives customers the security of always getting “organic at its best” with Byodo. From this perspective, Byodo is always striving to develop not only its products, but also its processes and employees. In May 2014, Byodo therefore had its entire management team – including the executive board – trained by Wanner GmbH.