Rabe Lasertechnik GmbH Succession planning
Client: Rabe Lasertechnik GmbH Date: March 6, 2015 Category: , View Project

Ideal candidate from the industry

The individually tailored search process and Wanner’s large network produced the ideal candidate in the course of the succession planning.

Affordable candidate

Wanner headhunters do not convince through monetary incentives, but through knowledge of the function, industry and region and thus through holistic persuasiveness.

Transition management

In the case of owner succession, handover management is crucial to ensure that knowledge, staff and customers are handed over without damage and that processes are restructured in parallel.

Owner-Managing Director could not retire because he could not find a suitable successor.

Problem definition


In-depth succession advice and implementation of the individual Wanner search process following a thorough requirements analysis.

“We are even more pleased that Wanner GmbH’s service resulted in excellent candidates from the industry and industry-related areas being put forward to us. We were impressed by the customer-oriented, practical and holistic approach.”

Mr. Helmut Rabe, Shareholder


Rabe Lasertechnik GmbH is a medium-sized company that has been active in the sector of laser material processing since 1997. The competences lie in the development, production and service of special laser systems. The strengths lie in applications such as laser welding, soldering, cutting, drilling, perforating and marking. Almost all materials can be processed with the highest precision and speed. In the field of special machine construction, Rabe can flexibly draw on all laser sources and manufacturers available on the market. As the knowledge and structures in the company were very much focused on the owner-manager, the owner found it very difficult to imagine finding a suitable candidate as successor. Also due to the reasonable salary package for the size of the company in a federal state with low salaries, the chance of success was low. And so the owner had also been unsuccessful in his own search for a very long time. The succession planning and also the qualified successor search according to the Wanner system finally solved the issue to his satisfaction.