Byodo strategy consulting
Client: Byodo Naturkost GmbH Date: June 3, 2015 Category: View Project

Resource through external project management

Due to the lack of know-how and the necessary resources at Byodo internally, Mr. Wanner realised the strategy consulting and thus solved the task without burdening the regular team.

Well-founded business plan

A very well-founded business plan created a very good basis for decision-making with regard to the investment and resulted in essential advantages in the discussions with banks with very favourable conditions.

Neutral risk management

The processing of the project by an external expert not only ensured a detailed and professional processing, but also a neutral and clear processing with presentation of all opportunities and risks.

For strategic reasons, it should be examined whether the vertical range of manufacture can be significantly increased and the available space and capacities expanded.

Problem definition


Determination of the necessary data, processes, machines and systems required to realise the desired production. Creation of a specification sheet for the clear specification of the necessary things. This included a service and emergency concept. International search for suitable suppliers for the machines and systems identified. This contained offer management and evaluation, preliminary planning of the production areas and process sequences, including media supply. Preparation of a meaningful and well-founded business plan on the possible expansion of business activities including ROI consideration, SWOT analysis and illumination of risks and alternatives. Management of the project in German and English.

“Due to the outstanding technical expertise of Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Reinhold Wanner, our expectations of the cooperation with Wanner GmbH were far exceeded. The farsightedness and the technical depth inspired us.”

Mr. Michael Moßbacher, Shareholder


Quality, enjoyment, trusting partnerships and innovative strength have been the hallmarks of the Bavarian organic delicatessen Byodo. The company was founded in 1985. The name “Byodo” freely translated from Japanese means “the common path”. This motto forms the core of the company’s philosophy. It is expressed through the cooperative partnership within the team as well as with customers and suppliers. The effort to achieve the highest level of enjoyment through special quality, which Byodo unites with its long-standing partners, gives customers the security of always getting “organic at its best” with Byodo.

From this perspective, Byodo is constantly striving to develop not only its products, but also its processes and employees. For strategic reasons, Byodo has on one hand examined the possibility of significantly increasing the vertical range of manufacture. On the other hand expanding the available space and capacity. In particular, the production of high-quality vinegars & oils was the focus of the investigation – in addition to building planning. Since Byodo does not have the necessary resources in the area of special machines and production processes, Wanner GmbH was entrusted with the strategy consulting.