Vilsmeier Outplacement
Client: Franz Vilsmeier Date: September 15, 2015 Category: , View Project

Clarity through coaching process

The life goal finding coaching clearly brought out the personal strengths, challenges, wishes and dreams and thus the basis for further direction.

Mediated in dream position

Through the outplacement process, Mr. Vilsmeier was placed in his ideal position based on his realignment.

Next career level reached

In the course of the new appointment, a new career level was reached. This also brought with it new responsibilities, staff and an appropriate remuneration package.

Employees and the company were no longer a good match. There was an urgent need for action.

Problem definition


Coaching process “Life Goal Finding” for personal and also professional reorientation as well as redefinition of personal goals. On this basis, Mr. Vilsmeier was then also placed in his dream position by Wanner GmbH. As COO of an 800-employee company, he has found his long-term place in professional life and continues to develop professionally and personally for the good of his company.

“For me, the professional, human and especially the holistic approach of Mr. Wanner was impressive. As well as the “depth” of the advice. This was always characterised by practice.”

Mr. Franz Vilsmeier


As an active and dynamic leader, Mr. Vilsmeier always strives to develop professionally and personally. In order to be able to do this efficiently, comprehensively and purposefully with the resources available, he turned to Wanner GmbH. It quickly became clear that the MCM membership on offer provided the ideal platform to question his goals, realign his activities and successfully move his career forward. In addition, his professional advancement was inhibited by the situation in his previous company and no longer suited him. In this respect, action was required to make a meaningful change for his previous employer and himself as a person.