Ute Strasser Company sale
Client: Stationery & Office Supplies Ute Strasser Date: November 20, 2015 Category: View Project

Unsaleability refuted

Hard-to-sell small business could be sold at a price not expected.

Quick transaction in company sale

Despite its own failed sales efforts over months, the company was sold by Wanner in only 3 months.

Desired buyer

A competent buyer from the industry could be acquired.

Unsaleability of a retail shop and capital needs of the owner.

Problem definition


Finding a buyer with industry knowledge and an entrepreneurial mindset through Wanner’s individualised M&A process and network.

“Our tax advisor had considered the transfer of the business problematic to impracticable. Our own sales efforts over many months had failed. Mr. Wanner succeeded in finding an excellent successor from the industry in only 3 months. The sales price exceeded my expectations”.

Ms. Ute Strasser, Owner


Schreib- & Bürowaren Strasser has been known and appreciated in Holzen for 10 years for a very customer-oriented and courteous supply of products and services (lottery, tobacco, press, Post-Point, cleaning & mangle acceptance, office & school supplies, sweets). Although the company sale by Mrs. Strasser herself proved difficult for several months, Wanner found a competent buyer from the industry within 3 months. She took over the company and continues to run it for the benefit of the customers.