Reorganisation Huber
Client: Ludwig Huber joinery Date: January 15, 2016 Category: View Project

80% working time instead of 40% saleable

It could be achieved that the owner uses his working time sensibly and thus less administratively but more profitably.

Close support to ensure success

The necessary changes were closely monitored in order to ensure rapid and targeted implementation, resulting in a successful reorganisation of the company.

Attractive alternative suppliers

Reduce costs and thus significantly increase margins by qualifying attractive new suppliers.

Sharpening product range and visibility

Increased sales and earnings through the sensible redefinition of the product range and the massive strengthening of visibility (online and offline) to the customer.

In order to continue to meet the demands of the market in the future, a very large financial need for action had arisen, which could not be represented by the business situation at the banks.

Problem definition


After a financial analysis and – much more important – a very practical analysis of the daily processes and procedures in the business, the weak points were identified and the decisive hints and guidelines were given. This information was important for the reorganisation process. The necessary changes were closely accompanied so that the company could be restructured in a target-oriented way. In addition to sharpening the profile and portfolio, the sensible use of resources, the search for attractive alternative suppliers, the optimisation of the findability of the company website (SEO) and the improvement of the advertising materials, the use of the owner’s working time in particular was also sustainably improved.

“I appreciate the good cooperation with Mr. Wanner, who doesn’t just do textbook consulting like most consulting firms, but can contribute his practical experience.”

Mr. Ludwig Huber, Owner


Mr. Ludwig Huber has been active on the market with his building and furniture joinery since 1999. He manufactures windows, doors, interior fittings and solid wood furniture with a wide variety of designs and requirement profiles. Whether it is individual one-off furniture, custom-made doors and windows or high-quality interior fittings, his joinery reliably and professionally implements customers’ wishes. In order to continue to meet the demands of the market in the future, a reorganisation of the company was necessary. With it a great need for financial action had arisen, which could not be met by the previous business situation with potential financiers. Mr. Wanner, in close cooperation with the tax advisor and the banks, quickly managed to obtain a loan approval. This became possible after Wanner was able to significantly increase turnover and earnings.