Restructuring of Augenstein
Client: Augenstein Maschinenbau GmbH Date: March 31, 2017 Category: , , , View Project

Turnaround in just 8 months

Thanks to the Wanner redevelopment process, a loss of EUR 525,000 was turned into a profit of EUR 620,000 after only 8 months.

Successful sale after refurbishment

After the restructuring, Mr. Wanner found a buyer for the company, accompanied him and ultimately secured the future of the company.

Transformation from a manufactory to an industrial company

The turnaround included a deep restructuring and thus the introduction of modern processes together with the employees.

Bringing the employees along

The process took the important employees (backbones) and integrated them ideally, ensured the transfer or separation of the unsuitable ones (low-performers) and brought back the joy of work as success was made visible to everyone.

After the illness of the owner-manager, the group of companies got into a massive tailspin and had to report a deficit of 525 TEUR.

Problem definition


In-depth restructuring of the company by Mr. Wanner as interim manager / CFR and search for a buyer after consolidation. Implementation of a professional sales process with subsequent support of the buyer. The turnaround was achieved after only 8 months and a plus of 620 TEUR was achieved!

“Mr Wanner saved our group of companies. In only 8 months, he turned the two limited liability companies around from a deficit of EUR 525,000 to a positive profit of EUR 620,000! His decisive and diplomatic manner, which enabled the employees to understand, accept and develop things, should be emphasised. He has a very impressive, broad expertise. Mr. Wanner did not push himself into the foreground despite necessary and demonstrated assertiveness and made a point not to diminish the authority and reputation of the managing director in any way.”

Ms. Ursula Augenstein, Shareholder


For over 35 years, Augenstein has been a dynamic company and reliable partner for customers worldwide. With around 100 employees, Augenstein plans, designs and manufactures customised special machines, preferably in the food, electrical, pharmaceutical, welding and automotive industries. The sophisticated automation solutions bring a decisive competitive advantage for the customers due to the high vertical range of manufacture. The overriding goal of the interim activity was the redevelopment of the two companies according to modern management aspects and to sustainably optimise processes and procedures in order to prevent a very unsatisfactory economic situation in the future, as in the past, and to ensure a speedy turnaround. Due to the life situation of the company owners, the owners decided to sell the company group after the redevelopment. The company buyer had to be found and the entire process had to be managed diplomatically and very meticulously in order to ensure a quick and smooth sale for the benefit of all parties involved.