Client: dergartenundmehr gmbh Date: January 26, 2021 Category:

Individual search process

Through Wanner’s search process, which has to be redefined for each vacancy, the specialists who were actually not available on the market could be recruited against all expectations.

Support for both sides

The accompanying process is crucial for both parties, not only to attract the new employees, but also to retain them.

Fair costs

Compared to the otherwise lost revenue, the procurement costs for staff are rather secondary.

Projects had to be cancelled due to lack of staff. This meant that important turnover and earnings were missing.

Problem definition


Wanner procured gardeners and landscapers via a search process that was very individually adapted to the company and accompanied them from the procurement and hiring to beyond the probationary period.

“I don’t know how Wanner does it, but they get the people here.
Wanner GmbH were the first to cover what we were looking for. They don’t just make promises, they brought top people into the company. And they accompanied us from the search to the hiring. That is very important to us. And I wouldn’t want to miss the experience that Wanner GmbH has.”

Mr. Otto Maier, Owner-Managing director


“der garten und mehr” is a business that has been run by generations, which explains the entrepreneur’s many years of experience. The gardener’s craft was learned from the bottom up and today the company uses all technical possibilities so that projects can be carried out professionally but also rationally. The company is a service provider and lives up to its slogan “You wish, we help and everything from one source”, because it tackles and implements. Unfortunately, however, the necessary specialists and managers were not available to set up the team in such a way that all customer enquiries could be dealt with in a timely manner. And so the company repeatedly had to cancel orders instead of being able to realise them. Thanks to Wanner, this situation could be decisively improved.