Notary Dr. Twehues
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Quality & Delivery Reliability

Process optimisation brought transparency, acceptance, higher quality of work and delivery reliability.

Reduction of stress

Employees threatened by massive stress and excessive demands could be relieved. This was accompanied by a lower risk of absenteeism and increased job satisfaction.

Less than ideal work organisation and excessive demands on some staff led to insufficient work results, dissatisfaction and the risk of staff absenteeism.

Problem definition


Analysis of processes, staff appraisals and resulting group as well as individual measures.

“As a … astute analyst, he looked at the work processes from the outside and … worked out great transparency and good optimisations of work processes in the notary’s office. Work organisation, satisfaction and results have been significantly strengthened.”

Ms. Dr. Margit Thwehues, Notary


Even a traditional institution such as a notary’s office, which has been in existence since 1862, is constantly faced with new challenges: digitalisation, laws and ordinances that are changing ever faster and thus requirements that are becoming more complex, the need for constant, intensive and consistent further training of all 11 employees as well as increased expectations of clients make it inevitable to question and optimise structures and work processes that have been practised for many years. After analysing the current situation, group and individual measures were agreed with the notary in order to achieve process optimisation. The aim was to reduce the workload of the employees and ultimately also to increase the satisfaction of the individual. The further result was an increase in the quality of work and improved delivery reliability.