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Funding is easy!

An entrepreneur has to keep his pockets open every day so that the state and other institutions help themselves. So it’s good to be able to get something back from that.
For example, you want to position yourself for digitalisation and ask yourself what you can or perhaps even have to do here? Perhaps the retraining of employees or the optimisation of structural processes?

Get up to €10,000 funding as a grant from the European Social Fund ESF

The programmes are called “Unternehmenswert:Mensch” and “Unternehmenswert:Mensch plus”.
Please note: Due to the upcoming European elections, the application deadline for the programmes is 31.07.2019 and 31.10.2019 respectively, so you need to react quickly to make sure you still get something out of it. And don’t worry: we’ll take care of all the formalities for you!

Here are some examples of results that our certified advisors have been able to achieve:

  • Workflow and process optimisation: Here, time and costs were reduced and satisfaction increased.
  • Improvement of a poor working atmosphere and elimination of leadership problems: Hereby the fluctuation rate was drastically reduced and new hires were facilitated
  • Establishment of customer orientation: This brought about a significant increase in turnover
  • Massive optimisation of the use of the ERP system: This means that stocks are now correct and bookings are made promptly and accurately.
  • Digitalised warehouse concept: A chaotic storage system without knowledge of where to find something was changed into a modern warehouse via data matrix code and scanner systems, where everyone can see from the PC where what can be found in which quantity.

The best thing about it is that in the funded project, up to 90 % of the topics have usually already been implemented in practice. So the advice is concrete and to the point. This means that you are not left alone with a “paper” or approaches. It is concretely realised and measurably implemented.

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