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Impulse lecture “Enterprise Value” in the Future Workshop

The Wanner GmbH Zukunftswerkstatt (Future Workshop) regularly hosts keynote speeches and events on exciting and current topics. In addition to Mr Wanner, other speakers pass on their knowledge free of charge and demonstrate solutions to business challenges. In doing so, they pass on the knowledge they have accumulated over many years to interested listeners.

This format was planned for a long time, but was slowed down by the pandemic. The entire team around Wanner GmbH was involved in its implementation and was thus able to contribute to its success. In addition to the interesting lectures, new contacts can of course be made and the network here in the region strengthened and expanded. The whole thing takes place in a relaxed atmosphere with a real workshop feeling. It doesn’t get any more practical than this!

Numerous regional entrepreneurs, top managers, tax consultants, bankers, insurance & finance experts and lawyers were present at the event. The theme of the event was: “What is my company worth? 7 important principles and procedures for pricing”. In addition to the common valuation methods, numerous tips and possibilities for influencing or increasing the value of a company were presented. The lecture was peppered with numerous examples from the daily practice of the company broker Reinhold Wanner.

After the lecture, there was enough time for the attendees to exchange ideas and network. All this over a cup of coffee and various delicacies. We are pleased that the event was so well received and are looking forward to the next event in this series. Then on the topic of recruitment.