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Recruiting today

It doesn’t matter – we still find our employees through the newspaper!

If humanity had reacted to all the changes like this, we wouldn’t be riding bikes or driving cars, still washing our clothes by hand and wouldn’t have a zip to close our anorak. And we wouldn’t be able to write emails either, because we would have regarded the internet as nonsense.

Changes, especially when they are as global and far-reaching as they are today, cannot be stopped.

So what is different about recruiting than it used to be?

  1. The employee you are looking for is not sitting unemployed in front of the weekend edition of the regional newspaper waiting for your ad.
  2. He or she is working and may only be half-satisfied with the job, but not dissatisfied enough to quit.
  3. If he or she is looking for a new job, the first place to look is the internet.

I see, you say, that’s great, my ad is also on Monster or Stepstone or in the job portal of the regional newspaper. But what does your new employee do after seeing the job ad? That’s right, he visits your website. But only if the ad is well done, the company appeals to him on a personal level and the job is appealing. And potential employees check carefully how the company presents itself.

That’s easy to write, but not so easy to implement. Behind a job advertisement that fulfils this must be a company that has understood that employees can increasingly choose where they work. Because there are more jobs than applicants.

Just look at the little things for a change:

Can your homepage also be recognised on a mobile phone? Is the way to the job page only a click away? Is a contact person named? Maybe even with a picture? Is the job really described, or is the job ad a copy of a copy of a copy and consists of fluff salad? How difficult is it to apply? Can it be done with one click or is it tedious? Does it make people want to work for you or do you present yourself just like many other companies?

If you want to read a bit more, you can find a study on online recruiting here.

Application is the search for a new partner. First of all, everyone has to convince everyone else. The employee applies to you and you apply to the employee.