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The trial work day

“The interview is the worst tool for finding the right candidate” – Prof. Iris Bohnet, Harvard Kennedy School, Cambridge.

Increasingly, companies are using the trial employment day to put applicants through their paces, even for professional and managerial staff.

What does it mean when your potential employer invites you to a trial work day after the interview?

Of course, you could interpret that he still has doubts after the interview. But mostly an employer wants to find out whether you also fit in with the team and the future supervisor. And don’t forget that a trial work day is expensive for an employer, because they will make sure that you are looked after on that day, that they work with you and have less time for the actual tasks. Therefore: Congratulations! You are one step further on the way to your new job.

How should I behave?

Naturally, you ask yourself how you should behave when day X arrives. My advice: Stay authentic and with yourself. There is no point in trying to win an Oscar for best lead role if you are looking for a job in the long term. Feel free to speak your mind when asked, let your experience flow and tell how you solved such a problem in the past.

What should I wear on my trial work day?

When dressing, make sure you strike the right balance between business and “work clothes”. You could already get an impression of what the company’s “dress code” is like during your first visit. So the ladies should not be too sexy, the gentlemen not too “business-like”, when everyone else is walking around in jeans and a jumper. Jeans and a jacket are always a good alternative.

What is the best way to prepare?

  • Cancel all appointments that you wanted to keep after the trial work day. Why? If you are asked to stay longer (test of flexibility), don’t get stressed.
  • Be over punctual!! Prepare well for the company by checking the homepage again. Prepare everything you want to take with you or wear the night before. This way you will arrive stress-free.

Attention: If you are still in an employment relationship, a trial work day may constitute a breach of your existing contract. The Wanner GmbH team wishes you every success. You are welcome to read all the detailed tips here as a pdf file and/or print it out.