Brandschutz Severin
Client: Brandschutz Severin Date: August 4, 2021 Category: View Project

Quick sale

After only 4 months, the seller was able to decide between several prospective buyers and make the sale.

Desired price achieved

The owners’ asking price was exceeded.

Broker commission not relevant

The costs incurred by Wanner GmbH were more than covered by the sales price achieved.

Business operations continue

The employees, customers and suppliers retain their business relationship and even benefit from the new ownership situation.

Due to the present urgent succession situation, the owners had started their own sales efforts, which, however, were not successful.

Problem definition


Identification of suitable potential buyers by Wanner GmbH. Founders were present, as well as companies in the sector that would like to expand their business and also companies that wish to enter the field of fire protection.

“The entire cooperation was very pleasant, as we were hardly burdened additionally by the sales process. We are very pleased to be able to hand over our company to a promising successor and that our name will continue to exist in the market.”

Ms. Christa Kratky-Severin, Owner


For more than 40 years, Brandschutz Severin has been serving corporate customers as professionally as private customers, covering not only the sale and maintenance of fire extinguishers, but also other important services in the field of fire protection. These include, for example, fire protection training and the maintenance and repair of fire doors, fire dampers and wall hydrants. After the owner reached retirement age, he handed over to his wife, who is now aiming for the next phase of her life herself. The handover to an employee failed, as did his own search efforts. Therefore, Wanner was commissioned to start his professional search process. After only 4 months, the owners were able to decide between several prospective buyers and also more than achieved the desired purchase price, and even Wanner’s costs