Notarin Erber-Faller
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Optimisation of notary positions

Process optimisation and development measures for staff, as well as the procurement of additional employees, ensure an efficient and high-performing team

Full work capacity

Despite separation of the law firm and installation of completely new software & hardware, enabling 100% workability without downtime

Stress reduction

Massive relief for the notary due to ideal project planning and implementation

A separation of the partnership had to be realised without placing a heavy burden on the notary and hindering her in the exercise of her office.

Problem definition


Through sophisticated, efficient and clear project planning, as well as the selection and close monitoring of the right service providers, the dissolution of the partnership and the transfer to an individual office could be realised as smoothly as possible.

“I not only appreciated your professional work very much. You were also a reliable and approachable contact person at all times with whom I could critically discuss all measures. I am very satisfied with the result and look forward to further cooperation.”

Ms. Sigrun Erber-Faller, Owner


Notaries exercise a public office in the field of preventive administration of justice, i.e. they are there for people in all non-contentious legal matters. Whether it is a real estate purchase, securing a loan, setting up a business, selling a company, a marriage contract, passing on assets through gifts or inheritance or emergency precautions through powers of attorney and living wills – the notaries are happy to take care of these and other matters.

Up to now, Mrs. Erber-Faller has worked in a partnership with a colleague. After deciding to dissolve the partnership and transfer it to two individual offices, Mrs. Erber-Faller decided to have Mr. Reinhold Wanner, Dipl.-Ing., accompany her in this project and left the project management to him. She had met him on the occasion of his lecture at the Chamber of Notaries in Munich.

A comprehensive project planning and implementation had to be realised and no important aspect could be left out. This included, in particular, accompanying the necessary organisational measures for the realignment of the notary’s office, such as the separation of the common EDP landscape, the updating and transfer of the previous hardware and software, the assessment of offers and subsequent introduction of new software, the assessment and reorganisation of the other technology used, the renovation and redesign of the office rooms, the strengthening of the staff team through personnel development measures and the recruitment of new qualified staff.