Unternehmenssuche für Herrn Voigt
Client: Mr. Wolfgang Voigt Date: July 1, 2022 Category: View Project

Quick Results

After only 4 months, 8 very interesting companies were presented.

Practical experience

Conviction through practical relevance and identification with the customer.

Requirements are met

Even during the phase of the company search, Wanner was always open to adjustments in the search criteria.

Fair Conditions

Despite impressive expertise – which could be used at any time – very fair conditions are offered.

As a founder with a lot of expertise, Mr. Voigt had been looking for the right company for a very long time and had also already taken help from other M&A consultants. But unfortunately with very bad experiences.

Problem definition


After getting to know Mr. Wanner during a project, Mr. Voigt was impressed by the professionalism, practicality and expertise. That’s why he commissioned Wanner GmbH.

“In addition to the practical approach, the strong commitment – which went far beyond what could be expected – and the fair conditions, the impressive expertise should also be highlighted. As a founder, you are in very good hands with Mr. Wanner and get a competent answer to every question.”

– Mr. Voigt, owner-manager


As a founder with a lot of experience in the financial sector, real estate and sales, Mr. Voigt was looking for the right company for his next professional step in self-employment. His search was focused on the succession in a trading company and he had already gained experience with other M&A consultants. Unfortunately, these were not always positive.
He got to know Mr. Reinhold Wanner from Wanner GmbH through a tendered project and soon realized that Mr. Wanner had a different approach than his competitors. He was impressed by his practical approach, his identification with the customer and their wishes and also the extremely professional approach.

The company advertised by Mr. Wanner was unsuitable for him. However, he decided to commission an active search through Mr. Wanner in order to find the right company for him. After only 4 months, Mr. Wanner and his team were able to present 8 very interesting companies to him, whereby he entered into closer discussions with 2 companies and seriously examined the acquisition. Also in this phase Mr. Wanner was very close to him and accompanied and moderated the process professionally. Mr. Wanner was also during the phase of the company search always open for adjustments of the search criteria, which is not self-evident and on the other hand very important for him as a founder.