Kerscher Beton
Client: Kerscher Bau GmbH Date: August 13, 2022 Category: , View Project

Surprising practical relevance

The extensive experience and surprising practicality were ideal for the owner for the strategy consulting and after this the strategic planning.

Very quick solution

Within only 2 months, two competent company managers from the industry could be presented.

Relieving the owner

The communication and the entire project process were very relieving for the owner.

Ideal candidates

Two ideal candidates from the industry were presented, one of whom was signed promptly.

Upcoming restructuring, lack of strategy in the area of human resources planning and an unresolved age succession.

Problem definition


In-depth strategy consulting by Mr. Wanner with definition of sensible measures, which were implemented in a very timely and practical manner. The necessary restructuring and personnel changes were thus quickly resolved and the owner was sustainably relieved. The necessary succession in the second level was also implemented in a sensible way.

“For me, it was not only the quick presentation of two applicants from the industry that was surprising, but also the professional and human fit. Furthermore, the entire project process was also very relieving for me and characterised by professionalism and practicality.”

Ms. Jutta Kerscher, Owner-Managing Director


Kerscher Bau GmbH, based in Dingolfing, is a medium-sized company in the concrete and precast sector, as well as in the sand and gravel sector. It looks back on a company history of almost 60 years. As a reliable and flexible partner, Kerscher supplies companies and builders with ready-mixed concrete, precast concrete parts as well as sand and gravel. The approx. 50 satisfied employees ensure sustainability, short regional delivery routes and satisfied customers. Resource-conserving and energy-efficient techniques are used in the production process at the plant.

Restructuring was on the agenda and an age succession in the second row was not solved. Dipl.-Ing. Reinhold Wanner was a well-known name in the industry to the owner, Mrs. Jutta Kerscher, and so she contacted him and with him solved the upcoming challenges in a sustainable way in only a few months.