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Process support

Wanner supports and accompanies the complete succession process.

Practical experience

Conviction through practical experience and identification with the customer.

Fair company valuation

Wanner provides a fair company valuation that is accepted by both parties.


Wanner accompanies professionally and is also available at unusual times.

Initially, the former owners themselves conducted the initial discussions with the next level, the employed master craftsmen, but it quickly became clear that a company succession is highly complex and that, in addition to the technical issues and those affecting the employees, many other critical points also had to be addressed.

Problem definition


With Mr. Wanner, a competent contact person in the field of succession consulting and also company sales was found, who supported the former owners very professionally during this time. Mr. Wanner is very well known in the region for his practical and pragmatic solutions. Complex questions could be clarified and answered and furthermore a very comprehensive company valuation was carried out, which was accepted by all parties.

“The entire group of sellers, as well as the buyer, is happy to recommend Mr. Wanner. We are convinced of his professionalism, his expertise and the ability to provide solutions even in complex company constellations.”

Josef Wastlhuber, seller
Michael Obereisenbuchner, buyer and new owner


The carpentry company Gebrüder Wastlhuber & Co. GmbH was founded almost 100 years ago, constantly expanded, established itself on the market and has always offered its high-quality services and products in the area of Mühldorf am Inn and also mainly in Munich.

The product emphasis is in the range of interior doors, front doors, furniture and fixed installations, partly also in the monument protection range, as well as all arising carpenter’s work in the interior. Due to the very high quality of workmanship, delivery reliability and the complete production in our own company, a large number of very high-profile customers are served.

Due to the upcoming age succession, Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Reinhold Wanner from Wanner GmbH in Mühldorf/Inn was included in the succession planning by the owners of the company. Mr. Wanner led and accompanied this process of several years and made it possible that the company could be handed over to Mr. Michael Obereisenbuchner on 01.01.2023 to the satisfaction of all parties involved and also of the staff.