Client: Bele Innenausbau GmbH & Co. KG Date: May 1, 2023 Category: View Project

Skillful negotiation

Wanner obtains fair and attractive price offers through skillful negotiation.


Wanner provides professional support throughout the entire process.

Solution provider

Wanner finds the right buyer even under difficult sales conditions.


The successful handover means that the know-how remains in the region.

The sale of my company proved to be particularly difficult due to the small size of the company, the number of employees and the market environment.

Problem definition


Nevertheless, Mr. Wanner and his team managed to find a suitable succession solution in this sector and handled the discussions with the companies in question in a clean and very professional manner.

“Thanks to Mr. Wanner’s skilful conduct of negotiations and by highlighting the special advantages for the buyer of the Bele company, the buyer’s initial offer was increased many times over.”

Mr. Bernhuber, Owner-Managing Director


The company Bele Innenausbau GmbH & Co. KG is a professional company for high-quality drywall construction in the south-east Bavarian region. After 16 years of self-employment and for age-related reasons, Mr. Bernhuber – owner and managing director – decided to sell the company. As selling the company was a completely new and unfamiliar area for him, after careful consideration and several positive recommendations, he placed the matter in the hands of the business and succession consultants Wanner GmbH from Mühldorf am Inn.

Despite the small size of the company and the difficult market environment, a suitable buyer from the industry was found. The talks were professionally accompanied by Wanner GmbH until the end. The sale of Bele Innenausbau shows once again that the succession of even the smallest companies can be managed extremely efficiently, so that employees can continue to have a secure job, customers can continue to be served to their satisfaction and the acquired know-how is not lost.