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The health of your employees is an economic success factor.

Are you prepared and attractive enough as an employer?

We warmly invite you to the Wanner Entrepreneur Breakfast and present an instrument that responds appropriately to the current challenges in personnel policy:

  • Counteracting absenteeism due to illness: The health of your employees not only increases the yield but also reduces the risk of work-related burnout. Thus, your employees stay with you longer and are also able to work appropriately and efficiently on their projects.
  • Ensuring employability beyond the age of 60: Older workers contribute a lot to the economic existence of the company through their experience, which is why it is essential that they remain part of the company. Studies have proven that mixed teams (younger and older employees) work better than young teams. This is because older employees, through their experience-based composure, drive the team forward and do not worry their heads over trivialities.
  • Strengthening staff retention: This reduces the turnover rate, which in turn minimises the need for new hires and the associated training.
  • Positioning as an employer that assumes social responsibility: Corporate social responsibility has been an important component of large and successful companies for years. Only with this can a company convince society and thus also its (potential) employees of its worth.
  • Low investment – low administration and highly appreciated by employees as a personnel instrument

You want to learn more about the importance of the health of your employees?

The topic will be discussed in a keynote speech by Ms Ulla Wilmers. She is an independent specialist for company health insurance in Germany. Look forward to one or two valuable hours with a lot of input, practical relevance and professionalism. The breakfast is of course free of charge for you. Come to our Wanner Entrepreneur Breakfast on 19.04.2018 in Mühldorf, Altöttinger Str. 20, from 8 – 10 am. We ask for registration under or +49 8631/9402299 by 18.04.2018. Mr. Dipl. Ing. Reinhold Wanner and Mrs. Sylvia Hohenreiter