Source: Wanner GmbH

Lecture at the “Netzwerk” in Töging

10,000€ donated by the state!

Dipl.-Ing. Reinhold Wanner held a lecture about the support programmes “UnternehmensWert:Mensch” (uWM), “UnternehmensWert:Mensch plus” (uWM plus) and Digitalbonus Bayern.

Since the whole seminar room was full of people, it shows that the entrepreneurs in the region are interested in the opportunities offered by the state to set up companies for the future. The Altötting-Mühldorf District Association of Skilled Crafts had issued the invitations.

The lecture

Mr. Wanner not only reported on the requirements and possibilities. In particular, the vivid examples from his consulting practice provided a comprehensive picture of the services in this funding programme.

For example, he described the successful transition at a medium-sized mechanical engineering company. The transition took place between the patriarchal leading founder and his children. Today, they need different management techniques than in the past.

The description of the improvement of leadership skills and the “functioning” of the employees in a law firm was also impressive.

The project

“UnternehmensWert:Mensch” covers the areas of leadership, knowledge and competence, health as well as equal opportunities and “diversity”. Consultants for this support programme must be certified – like Mr Wanner and his colleague Ms Hohenreiter – in order to be allowed to carry out this programme.

Typical consulting fields are increasing turnover and earnings, creating efficient work processes, optimising company culture and succession planning.

Requirements that the company must fulfill are:

  • It must have its registered office and place of work in Germany.
  • The annual turnover must be less than € 50 million or the annual balance sheet total less than € 43 million.
  • The company must have fewer than 250 employees.
  • There must be at least one full-time employee subject to social security contributions.
  • The enterprise must have existed for at least two years.

By far the best news, however, is that – depending on the situation – up to 80 % of the consultancy costs (with a maximum limit of € 10,000) can be subsidised.

All information on this programme can be found here.

The supplementary programme

“UnternehmensWert:Mensch plus” for support in digitalisation projects goes even further. Here, a consulting fee of up to €12,000 is subsidised with 80% of the sum.

Wanner offers further relief by supporting all application formalities for the company. This means that only very low expenses are necessary. Only an initial and a final interview must be conducted by the entrepreneur with the funding agency.

Further information on this programme can be found here.

The presentation was rounded off with a description of the “Digital Bonus Bavaria” programme. This promotes the development, introduction or improvement of products, services and processes through information and communication technology. The information about this programme can be read here.

Over a small snack, many lively conversations took place among the participants and Mr. Wanner.