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Beautiful Aging

Which person would not like to conceal the signs of time or slow down the changes that come with age or “naturally” push back a few years. It is not only the external appearance that must be considered, but also the mental age. Because this ultimately keeps us young.

On 08.10.2013 an event of LMI Deutschland GmbH took place on the topic “Aging in Beauty”. On the occasion of this, the managing director of Wanner GmbH Mr. Wanner spoke about his experiences in the field of training. This also includes the experience he has gained with the manager courses.

Aging in Beauty: Reinhold Wanner’s Perspective

He specifically presented the importance of the holistic and practical nature of training. For example, a person cannot be separated into a private person and an employee. Every person is an individual who brings his or her professional issues home with them, and in turn, his or her private issues will also influence everyday professional life. If there are issues here, it will affect the way the employee works. In the worst case scenario, these will lead to depression, anxiety or burnout.

That’s why in the field of education and training – according to Wanner – there cannot be a separation of the two areas. Considering people as a whole raises undreamt-of potentials. This not only increases efficiency for the company, but also ensures satisfaction and joy for the employee. Employee satisfaction thus also strengthens the team and the likelihood that the employee will stay with the company for a longer period of time. Here it should also be noted that the work must be fun for the employee, otherwise he will quickly get bored. This means that you should pay attention to whom you assign which tasks, because not everyone finds the same projects interesting.

Mental health is of utmost relevance for a healthy working atmosphere and satisfied employees. This in turn means that customers are also happy, as their projects are carried out successfully and efficiently.