Quelle: Wanner GmbH

World Championship in Welding and Cutting

This is the name of the international trade fair Welding & Cutting in Essen.

Wanner visited this key event on 18.09.2013 and serves companies in the industry.

Not only the discussions with company leaders and managers showed that it is 5 to 12 to establish a new concept in the field of personnel search and development on the market.

Initiatives such as Think-Ing. already pointed out years ago the impending and now increasingly dramatic shortage of skilled workers and managers. Increasingly, you can also find boards with recruitment advertisements on the exhibition stands highlighting the shortage.Unfortunately, time and again companies are limited in their growth because the necessary staff cannot be found.

Asia is also present in this sector. Thus, various halls were filled with Asian manufacturers.
Wanner ensures innovation and the development of companies and people, to be prepared for competition with international companies.