Source: Wanner GmbH

Wanner GmbH launches website

Wanner GmbH was founded on the basis of the engineering office ITT-Global, which was founded in 2005.

The business model is a combination of human resources and management consulting topics. Here, companies as well as individuals play an equal role as clients. A holistic approach that puts people at the centre is advocated.

The Manger Club Mittelstand (MCM) provides the necessary platform for effective cooperation between both sides. In addition, innovative presentation and development software (ES) set a new standard in the industry.

Wanner GmbH is looking forward to visitors to the website, interesting enquiries and a lively exchange in the blog.

The question then naturally arises as to who Mr. Wanner is and why he has the competence to advise companies as well as people. Of course, he complements his knowledge with his team, which brings further competences into the company. But ultimately, the head of the company is decisive.

The career of Mr. Wanner

That is why Mr. Wanner’s vita can be found in detail on the website and he is happy to explain his career. In brief, Mr Wanner started his professional career as an electrician and also worked as such. After completing his basic military service with the German Armed Forces, he studied electrical engineering at university and entered industry. At the same time, he later successfully completed a second degree as an international welding engineer. During that he was also a part-time lecturer at a welding training and testing institute.

With regard to his industrial career, it should be noted that he was already working in various sectors with a view to becoming self-employed. These include small electrical appliances, welding technology, special machine construction, metal processing, plastics processing, the supply industry, apprenticeships and adult education and consultancy.

There were companies producing single pieces (special machine construction), medium quantities (welding equipment construction, supplier industry for trucks & buses and agriculture) and also millions of pieces (small electrical appliances industry).

In addition, there were companies in the growth phase or in a stagnating economic situation, but also insolvent companies. For example, how should a consultant be able to advise a company in difficulties if he himself has not had the experience as sole managing director of how to get out of a crisis. For example, Mr. Wanner took over a company with 200 employees from the insolvency administrator and successfully led it out of the crisis. It should be noted that this company was in insolvency for several years or had to be looked after by the insolvency administrator. Furthermore, there were nationally active companies trading throughout Europe, but also many internationally active groups of companies. In this respect, he was also allowed to go through the auditor training and qualify companies internationally.

From practice for practice

And in all these years, Dipl.-Ing. Reinhold Wanner has never lost touch with practice. Because he is also always active in his private life through craft projects. From welding, soldering, bricklaying, concreting to repairing electrical appliances. In this respect, he ensures that his consultations are not only practical and realisable, but also show massive effects in the figures in a timely manner. In this respect, the saying “From practice for practice” is not an empty phrase with Mr. Wanner, but a lived concept that can be proven. His references show this very impressively.

Thus, Wanner’s website can only try to hint at the potential of this company and what it can offer in terms of services for small and medium-sized enterprises. It remains open to every person and company to find out.