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25th anniversary of the SCHULEWIRTSCHAFT Mühldorf working group

Professor Randolf Rodenstock, Dr Marcel Huber & school board member Paul Schönstetter as well as District Administrator Georg Huber and other representatives from politics, business and schools gave speeches at the celebratory event for the 25th anniversary of the SCHULEWIRTSCHAFT Mühldorf (AK) working group on 21 November 2013. Mr. Reinhold Wanner was also among the invited guests. He informed himself at first hand about the developments in the education system and the views of Professor Rodenstock. As a proven expert and founding member of the working group, he gave interesting insights into the history and today’s requirements of the economy. In the following, Mr. Wanner briefly presents his personal impressions of the event.

After almost 15 years, Prof. Rodenstock relinquished the presidency of the Bavarian employers’ associations vbw – Vereinigung der Bayerischen Wirtschaft e.V. – and bayme – Bayerischer Unternehmensverband Metall und Elektro e. V. – in 2013. He currently holds a number of other honorary offices, as was heard in the laudation. Dr. Wolfgang Friedrich (MBM Maschinenbau Mühldorf GmbH), an active member of the bayme vbm board of directors, was also present as a representative of the association.

The lectures

The shortage of skilled workers in Germany

In his speech, District Administrator Huber focused on the massive shortage of skilled workers in Germany and praised the recent introduction of the bachelor’s degree programme in mechanical engineering in Mühldorf. He cited talks with the state government according to which further courses of study are firmly planned at the location. The Mühldorf location has always been a pioneer in the field of education and one of the first educational regions to be awarded by the state!

Politics must bear responsibility

Minister of State Dr. Marcel Huber also emphasised the responsibility of politics and the necessities to adapt education policy to the needs of the economy in order not to lose the pioneering role in Europe.

Germany needs characters and not just bright minds

Prof. Rodenstock’s speech was as usual well-founded and characterised by professional depth. More than 5,000 active members were active in the AK. More than 800 events were held, at which more than 85,000 participants were welcomed. According to Rodenstock, we have hardly any raw materials in Germany apart from the “heads”. Therefore, the brains must be created, educated and kept in Germany in the future! According to the study, there would be a gap of 1.7 million skilled workers in Germany by 2020.

It is all the more important that the education system prepares people for lifelong learning and the skills that industry needs. He also pointed out that Germany needed not only bright minds, but characters.

It was important not to breed technical idiots, but people with overarching knowledge, intercultural skills and “education of the heart”. This holistic approach also requires the restructuring of the current education system. Prof. Rodenstock even spoke of an “education holding company” as an approach. Our market economy must have material and immaterial prosperity as its goal. Thus, the education system must also take into account the people and, of course, the needs of the economy. The trend is away from mass production towards hybrid customised products and services. Currently, Germany is ahead. But this can only be maintained in the long term if innovative minds are produced and retained in Germany.

The challenges are manifold in view of the figures that one-fifth of school leavers from all types of schools are only conditionally capable of vocational training! Furthermore, five per cent leave school without any qualifications at all. This issue must be solved in order to be successful in the future.

The lectures – Wanner’s conclusion

For Mr. Wanner, Prof. Rodenstock’s speech was highly interesting and reinforced the chosen path of Wanner GmbH. The holistic approach and the broad portfolio, which aims to find and develop specialists and managers and to keep them in the company in the long term, reflects exactly the needs that were presented.

The television recording of the event will be broadcast today 22.11.2013 at 18:00 on RTL and various publications in the print media will provide even more detailed information about the presentations.