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Medical technology international – Cheap production was yesterday, innovative is today!

MEDICA is the international trade fair and congress for medical technology, electromedicine, laboratory equipment, diagnostics and pharmaceuticals. This year it took place in Düsseldorf from 20.11.2013 to 23.11.2013. Mr. Wanner has had a very good network in this segment since 1996. After all, he himself worked for eight and a half years for a leading company in the home care sector. Therefore, he visited customers at the trade fair and gathered information about the latest trends in this industry. Wanner GmbH also talked there about implementing its own invention with selected manufacturers.

The trade fair

MEDICA is the largest event for the medical industry worldwide. For more than 40 years, it has been a permanent fixture in the calendar of all experts. For one thing, 4,500 exhibitors from 70 countries are represented at this trade fair. In addition, the 17 exhibition halls have a stand area of 115,000 m². In addition, there are 5 exhibition areas, 6 forums and 5 congresses.

The “MEDICA Conferences and Forums” are an integral part of the trade fair. These include several events, which are listed below.

    This is the largest interdisciplinary continuing education forum in Germany.
  • The German Hospital Day
    It is the leading communication platform for decision-makers in German hospitals.
    This takes place every 2 years.
  • The 1st International Conference on Disaster and Military Medicine (DiMiMED)

In addition, MEDICA offers five free forums distributed throughout the exhibition halls, as well as interesting special shows and several expert conferences.

Changes in medical technology

Innovation is becoming increasingly important

The Wanner team preferably visited companies in the medical home application sector. In summary, it found an innovative and dynamic industry in this exhibitor segment. In the meantime, they no longer focus on low-cost production, but on the creation of innovative and new product solutions. Manufacturers have been sourcing globally for a long time and suppliers produce exclusively in low-wage countries. End consumer prices have reached the limit of what is feasible. This leaves the manufacturers and distributors of the products only the innovative step forward. These range from helpful product improvements to completely new devices.

In the industry, countries like China, Taiwan and Korea have long since moved away from being pure producers. Increasingly, European companies are also having development done in these countries. In addition, local companies have built up development teams that increase local know-how. In this way, they create the basis for their own innovative products.

Europe needs a rethink

Due to production in low-wage countries, the situation in western countries like Germany is visibly worsening. We cannot present the favourable production environment that these low-wage countries do and we do not have significant raw materials. We have to ensure innovations, services and processes that are unique in the world through our “brains”.

The role of knowledge in medical technology

This means that universities, colleges and ultimately our skilled workers and specialists have a central task. Germany’s prosperity can only be secured in the long term if we train enough skilled workers. These must be well-trained people who think and act comprehensively and have their finger on the pulse of the times.

Unfortunately, far too many companies are currently “cooking in their own juices”. Because of the shortage of skilled workers, specialists are “brought in” in-house, trained and coached by their own managers. Too seldom do companies bring in “new blood” from outside and have their employees trained through targeted development programmes. Thus, people never see beyond the end of their nose. These companies will have problems in the long run. Too important are impulses from outside, new perspectives and ultimately also training for further professional and human qualification.

Some of the companies visited have recognised the signs of the times. This is confirmed by their growing turnover and earnings through groundbreaking products and solutions that follow the trends and ensure a lead over their market competitors. What is the source of this success?

It is the actively acting people who continuously develop themselves and thus ensure success in the companies! Wanner has the MISSION to support these people and companies and to ensure that the maximum potential is exploited.