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BusinessClub Landshut – Lecture Biostructural Analysis

On Thursday, 27 February 2014, Reinhold Wanner gave a talk on biostructural analysis to the Business Club in Landshut.

As he explained, success is first created in the mind! In addition to specialist knowledge, social competence and relationship management with customers and employees are becoming increasingly important. Through the Structogram Training System you know more about yourself. This enables you to use your strengths in a more targeted way, understand other people better and gain their trust. In this way, you create the conditions to be successful in the long term.

To do this, you learn to recognise the colour distribution (green/red/blue) of yourself and people. This makes it transparent what part the brain stem, the diencephalon and the cerebrum have in our actions. Through this, ways of acting and seeing can be predicted.

The lecture on biostructural analysis

The members of the XING group who attended were surprised by the liveliness and practical relevance. One member wrote immediately after the event: “… thank you very much for your great presentation … In just a few minutes you were able to explain the concept of colours. Probably all members will think about colours today! …”. A mediator present also explained that the three types of people also exist in mediation. There, they are not marked with the colour dominance described by Wanner, but they are also categorised in a comparable way.

As early as the 1970s, the anthropologist Rolf Schirm laid the foundation for his research. Besides the origin, the theory and the characteristics of a colour dominance were explained with practical examples.

As the audience could hear, one can recognise one’s own “hardware” – which remains almost the same throughout life – through the Structogram course. In addition, one learns to assess other people in the Triogram course. This knowledge is then successfully used in sales in Part 3 “Key to the Customer”. Wanner GmbH offers the courses described, which are then held by certified course leaders from “STRUCTOGRAM International”.

You can find out more about the topic and the courses under the heading “Training” and under “Dates” on the “Home” page of Wanner.eu. The Wanner team will also be happy to advise you!