Sought-after Meggle Founder’s Prize goes to Wanner GmbH

The courage of the company’s founder, Dipl.-Ing. Reinhold Wanner, to enter the market with a unique and broad portfolio of consulting services was rewarded. Wanner’s holistic and very practice-oriented approach not only inspires customers, but also convinced Meggle’s nine-member top-class jury.

The award ceremony took place on 20.10.2017 in the town hall in Wasserburg am Inn. For the sixth time in a row, the Meggle couple honoured entrepreneurs from the region who offer innovative products or services. Wanner is happy about the third place.

Mr. Wanner thanks Mr. and Mrs. Meggle very much for the Founders’ Prize they received and sees himself as a “multiplier”. After all, the prize ultimately benefits the many companies to be advised in the region, which Wanner looks after and will continue to support with its high-quality services in the future. The prize money will be used to expand the advisory services even further. For example, Wanner is planning innovative software that will bring more transparency to the projects of the companies it advises and thus ensure better project success. In this respect, the prize ultimately benefits not only one company, but the benefits are multiplied to the customers of Wanner GmbH.

Watch the film made about Wanner GmbH here:

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