MEGGLE Founder’s Prize 2017

Meggle, a company well known from the media, is committed to the social environment of all company locations. This does not only apply to the region around the headquarters in Wasserburg am Inn. The company is also active worldwide for all areas and has been for decades. On the one hand, as a local employer and business partner, Meggle makes an important contribution to the positive social and cultural development of society. The company creates jobs and apprenticeships with fair working conditions. To this end, the company continuously trains its employees as well as its customers. Furthermore, it promotes economic growth through the purchase of goods and services. On the other hand, Meggle promotes social and cultural projects and supports various organisations in this area in their important work.

The MEGGLE Founders’ Prize

Because the future is more important to the owner, Mr. Toni Meggle, than the past, he and his board members decided to create the MEGGLE Founders’ Prize. Thus, this coveted prize has been announced and awarded annually since 2012. The applicants are examined by a top-class jury consisting of experts from the business world and also from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. The award ceremony takes place in the town hall hall in Wasserburg as part of a high-profile event. The purpose of this is that many other people from trade, industry, commerce, services, politics and other organisations can also gain added value from the information. A first-class speaker also always provides an interesting contribution and suggestions for the attending entrepreneurs and those who want to become one.

For Mr. Toni Meggle, founding entrepreneurs are the prerequisite for ensuring that small and medium-sized businesses can retain their supporting role in the economy and society in the future. As a successful entrepreneur, it is a matter of concern to him to support founders.

The award

On 20 October 2017, the award was presented for the sixth time. Year after year, Meggle supports company founders who are successful with innovative products or services. This year, Wanner GmbH was one of the lucky winners.

Mr. Reinhold Wanner was honoured for the consistent development of his business, the quality of his work and a sincere interest in practical support for medium-sized companies.

Furthermore, Meggle is not only promoting the company Wanner GmbH with this award. Since Wanner provides energetic and very practical support to a large number of small and medium-sized companies, the prize also indirectly benefits many companies in the region.

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