Unternehmenswert:Mensch plus

As already reported, the funding programme unternehmensWert:Mensch offers attractive funding for companies. These are designed to optimise processes and procedures and to advance the company. Now another programme has been launched under the same umbrella, which is specifically designed to provide support in the direction of digitalisation.

The new programme branch “plus” of the unternehmensWert:Mensch programme supports small and medium-sized enterprises. They are to be helped to work on personnel policy or work organisation change processes in connection with a digital transformation within the company. To this end, the companies are supported by accredited process consultants. They provide targeted help in mastering the challenges of the digital future.

Mr. Wanner and Ms. Hohenreiter are authorised advisors for the state funding programme. This provides financial means (up to 12,000 EUR with only 2,400 EUR own contribution) for small and medium-sized enterprises. This way, these companies can also actively “develop their digital future”. The authorisation procedure not only evaluates the training courses, but also the projects carried out so far. In this respect, the authorisation confirms the quality of the advice that Wanner GmbH offers.

Possible consultancy fields of unternehmensWert:Mensch plus

  • Increasing turnover and earnings
  • Identifying and exploiting the potential through the digitisation of your company
  • Massive increase in future viability
  • Increasing the value of the company
  • Creating efficient work processes
  • Coaching of difficult employees
  • Installation of modern company and management culture
  • Optimisation of information processes
  • Knowledge management & transfer
  • Securing & expanding company know-how
  • Innovation management & inventiveness

Requirements for the promotion

  • Registered office and place of work of the company in Germany
  • Annual turnover of less than € 50 million or annual balance sheet total less than € 43 million
  • Fewer than 250 employees
  • At least one employee subject to social security
  • Full-time employee(s)
  • The company has been in existence for at least two years

Even if the company has recently completed the unternehmensWert:Mensch classic programme, the plus programme can be applied for immediately afterwards. In this respect, a total of up to 22 advisory days are eligible for funding through both programmes.

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