Seminar on succession counselling at the Mühldorf – Altötting district craftsmen’s association

On 20.11.2014 at 7:00 p.m., Dipl.-Ing. Reinhold Wanner held the seminar on company succession at the Seminarhaus Netzwerk in Töging am Inn. It was his second time.

There he showed the opportunities and risks of the handover. He also explained numerous examples from succession projects and substantiated them with the necessary involvement of agencies.

Wanner pointed out that in addition to inheritance law and tax law issues, problems often arise in the “day-to-day business” of the handover. These are usually solved by the tax advisor and the notary.

No chamber or lawyer can offer assistance here. They always cover only small sub-areas. Rather, in such cases, a business consultant should be involved. He will settle the practical transfer problems of everyday life. Furthermore, an experienced advisor forms the “bracket” or leads the project. The consultant also involves all the necessary bodies such as tax advisor, notary, auditor, heirs, shareholders, etc. in a sensible way. In this way, he leads the handover to success on the basis of a structured handover plan.

Wanners statement on succession planing

According to Wanner, experience shows that it unfortunately takes far too long before entrepreneurs dare to take the step and actively seek help. By then, there are usually already very high and seemingly insurmountable hurdles that are then pushed in front of them. The longer entrepreneurs wait before seeking professional help, the less likely it is that the company will be handed over to the intended successor. Such projects often end up in sale or liquidation.

Moreover, succession counselling must take into account the personality structure of the potential successor. Also his or her wishes, abilities and level of education have to be taken into consideration. Not everyone is a suitable successor because of their background.

Neutral studies and information from the Bavarian State Ministry explained the issues and their importance.

Succession consulting is an important pillar of Wanner GmbH and based on the successfully realised projects and Mr. Wanner’s vita, it becomes clear why these projects can be handled so successfully and efficiently at Wanner.