Dankescollage 5 Jahre Wanner GmbH
Source: Wanner GmbH

Wanner GmbH: Serving small and medium-sized enterprises for 5 years

Wanner GmbH celebrated its 5th anniversary on 08.11.2018 together with 75 guests.

Before the presentations began, Mr Günther Knoblauch (MdK, Deputy District Administrator) greeted the guests. Dr. Walter Obenaus (retired presiding judge at the Munich Regional Labour Court, mediator) then spoke on the topic of “Trouble at work – a management task”. The manager must keep a close eye on this topic and step in as a mediator in case of emergency. Furthermore, Mr. Herbert Prost (Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Munich and Upper Bavaria, Head of the Mühldorf office) talked about “Corporate Social Responsibility: fair companies – fair bosses?” and its importance for the existence of a company. Mr. Jochen Englmeier (Chamber of Skilled Crafts for Munich and Upper Bavaria, Head of Training Centres Mühldorf/Altötting) then gave a lecture on “Requirements for training and further education due to digitalisation”. This is essential in order to survive in the future.

The singer, actor and director from Mühldorf, Mr. Armin Stockerer, moderated the entertaining evening. There he offered an amusing review of the company’s eventful history.

Mr. Reinhold Wanner and his team reliably supply the region’s craft and industrial companies with skilled workers and managers. In doing so, he trains the employees very individually, adapted to each company. He covers almost all consulting topics that are important for the companies. These include practical advice on succession, increasing profits and optimising processes. He is also very active in the field of company sales and acquisitions (M&A).

All in all, it was a successful evening with many informative presentations on current topics that are relevant to a company. Afterwards there were many interesting conversations at the get-together.

Mr. Reinhold Wanner and his team managed to convince with their service and to support many small and medium-sized companies.

RFO’s broadcast to the event: https://www.rfo.de/mediathek/video/5-jahre-wanner-eine-erfolgsgeschichte/