Quelle: Wanner GmbH

Education Fair Inn-Salzach 2014

On 9th of May 2014, the opening ceremony of the Inn-Salzach Education Fair took place in Burghausen. In addition to District Administrator Erwin Schneider, representatives from industry, trade, schools and politics were invited. Mr. Wanner was one of the invited guests.

The Education Fair

The fair was held from the 9th to the 10th of May 2014 in Burghausen at the fairground. So far it has been held alternately in the three districts. The district of Rottal-Inn had decided to pursue its own concept and to take into account the special requirements in the two closely networked districts of Altötting and Mühldorf am Inn. Thus, the Southeast Bavaria Education Fair has now become the Inn-Salzach Education Fair. In 2015, the fair will be held in Mühldorf.

At the Inn-Salzach Education Fair, companies and educational institutions from the region could present themselves. Furthermore, one could meet people who are interested in education, further education and training. On the one hand, there were offers from companies in the fields of industry, crafts, services, trade and educational institutions. On the other hand, there were also study offers from surrounding universities. One of the main topics was certainly vocational training. The aim of the fair was to support young people in finding a suitable apprenticeship. In addition, the fair aimed to bring companies into contact with potential trainees. You can find more official information at www.bildungsmesse-innsalzach.de.

Problems in finding trainees

Mr. Wanner’s conversations with companies and visitors showed that it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to find suitable trainees and students for dual courses of study. For example, Mr. Klemisch (COO) from the ODU company in Mühldorf (odu-connectors.com/) explained, you have to offer special programmes today to inspire the young people. And this despite the fact that ODU is known as an international player and an attractive employer in the region. ODU is still well supplied, but also has some vacancies to fill, as one can read on the website.

The owners of Fuhrmann, Mr. Joachim Oechsner and Mr. Christoph Oechsner (www.fuhrmann-nutzfahrzeuge.de), were present themselves at their stand to promote the company. Due to Fuhrmann’s active work, the company still gets enough trainees. But one has to stay on the ball here, said Mr. Joachim Oechsner. The Hochwald company explained that they do not have any worries about young people in the area of workers and master craftsmen. This is mainly due to the fact that they are able to recruit enough employees – e.g. from the skilled trades.

On the other hand, the situation in the crafts sector is more gloomy than in industry. Head Master Josef Berghammer of the butchers’ guild Altötting-Mühldorf explained that, unfortunately, hardly any young people are interested in the profession of butcher or butcher shop salesperson. There are massive problems in recruiting young people.


In total, the impression of Wanner GmbH was confirmed that only active companies and sectors find enough employees. In addition, active HR management is very important. Furthermore, the trend towards higher education among young people is increasing. This is reflected by the relatively large exhibition space of universities, colleges and other educational institutions. The stands were correspondingly busy. It is to be hoped that the skilled crafts sector will be able to change this trend for the better through suitable activities. Wanner will be happy to support the crafts accordingly, as is already taking place very actively in the industry.