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Wanner assists next company sale with great success

Unterholzner Photovoltaik company successfully sold

Wanner GmbH around owner-manager Dipl.-Ing. Reinhold Wanner is an expert in company acquisitions, sales and participations (in short: Mergers & Acquisitions or M&A). Together with the young team, they accompany the next company sale with great success. At the turn of the year, Unterholzner Photovoltaik, a well-known company based in the Dingolfing region, was sold.

As previously reported, Wanner had helped companies such as Kluger Sondermaschinenbau and Severin Brandschutz. Also various other companies in the region were assisted by Wanner during the process of solving issues within their firms.

Company sale – Carefree into the next phase of life with Wanner GmbH

With its modern and sophisticated PV systems, the Unterholzner company supplies numerous households and businesses with clean energy. The Unterholzner family has successfully built up the company over decades. Further, they continuously developed it to adapt to volatile market conditions.

Now, however, it was time to take the next step. The intention is to focus on the stronger integration of energy systems. This is in order to differentiate the company from its competitors and to exploit synergy effects. The previous owner and managing director is no longer ready for this big step. Therefore, he decided to sell the company. But an entrepreneur usually sells his business only once. Therefore, he typically brings little experience for the whole process. Thus, the owner brought Mr. Reinhold Wanner on board.

Wanner takes care of the sales process holistically

Wanner GmbH takes care of all the important steps in the sales process. This includes the preparation of important sales documents and the search for suitable buyers. It also consists of the numerous initial meetings with interested parties. Furthermore, the collection of indicative offers and the conduct of the final sales negotiations. In this way, the seller can continue to take care of all important tasks in his company without being distracted by the sale of the company.

Sustainable success is our goal

In the case of Unterholzner Photovoltaik, a founder was specifically sought who carried the same fire for renewable energies as Mr. Unterholzner himself. Wanner found two ideally suited founders between whom Mr. Unterholzner could choose. The buyer – Mr. Hieber – is now approaching the project with corresponding motivation. He also brings all the prerequisites to orient the company towards the future with him. Thanks to the smooth succession solution, customers will continue to be served in the usual high quality. In addition, the company portfolio was expanded with additional products and services. This means that they are now offering much more than before. For example, in addition to photovoltaic solutions, they now also receive battery storage, charging columns and energy management systems from Unterholzner.

Wanner provides very versatile support – also in the search for personnel

Furthermore, the employees retain their secure jobs in an industry of the future, which is massively gaining momentum due to the influence of the energy turnaround initiated in Germany. Mr. Hieber has already recruited further highly qualified employees, which Wanner GmbH has procured for him, and is planning healthy and sustainable growth.

Not only is Mr. Hieber and his team to be wished every success, but it is also to be hoped that the many successions in Bavaria that are due in the next few years will be solved in an equally ideal manner and that the small and medium-sized businesses that are so important for Bavaria will not only be preserved, but also strengthened in the long term.