Wanner supports entrepreneurs

through practical lecture on company valuation at the start-up fair ZZERO

Dipl.-Ing. Reinhold Wanner has been advising founders and self-employed professionals in Mühldorf for more than 9 years. As a M&A advisor he has also been able to gain a lot of experience in business valuation during this time. In regard to being a certified M&A consultant, he is not only active for founders. He also advises well-known companies such as BORA and sells numerous companies every year. Wanner also searches for interesting companies for founders as well as entrepreneurs who are planning an acquisition. In addition Mr. Wanner is heavily involved in working with and finding investors and has a large network to draw on.

Wanner shares his knowledge on business valuation

Since there are many myths and partly half-knowledge in the field of business valuation, we like to support everyone concerned by passing on our theoretical and practical knowledge. This year, Mr. Wanner not only put across his knowledge in the field of practical business valuation through events in his “Wanner Zukunftswerkstatt“. He also gave a presentation at the online start-up fair ZZERO.

His lecture showed the theory of typical valuation procedures as well as the mechanisms that occur in reality and lead to the final purchase price of a company. In this respect, the audience learned not only theory. They also found out about many influencing factors and financing options based on examples, in order to be able to get the best out of a company purchase.

Wanner is also active on other platforms

More free knowledge transfer is still planned in “Zukunftswerkstatt” of Wanner GmbH. You can also find Mr. Reinhold Wanner’s practical seminars in social media as well as on Youtube. If you have a topic that is of burning interest to you or in which there is a need for training, you are welcome to give us a push so that we can help you in acute situations. Furthermore, interested parties can sign up for the newsletter on the Wanner GmbH website so as not to miss anything.