Do you know your biostructure?

Why does my partner or employee think or act differently than I do?

Not only a mother will ask herself why each of her children has a different personality. Every person will also ask themselves why they feel, think and act differently than their fellow human beings. This leads not only in private life to some challenges, but also massively in the job. Because the individual biostructure or personality of each person makes us unique and distinguishes us. Therefore, every human being must be accepted in his or her uniqueness, which is predetermined by nature. The biostructure is already firmly anchored in us after the first sixth months of our lives. It can hardly be changed.

When do we need to understand the different personalities?

It is not only important for self-knowledge to understand why we people have such different personalities. It’s also essential to recognize, understand and accept the personality structure of the other person. This is an important issue for our personal and also professional relationships.

And especially very good “bosses” or “partners” are characterized by the fact that they – often simply out of experience or intuition – do almost “everything right”. They get along well with their fellow human beings. This makes a successful cooperation or a successful living together possible.

How do I recognize my biostructure?

Scientists have been researching this area for many decades and have found out why we are so different and why we – despite training, coaching, etc. – cannot change this structure that is inherent in each of us, but only recognize and deal with it. Whereby there is no better or worse structure, but just many other expressions of the characteristics. Thus also different tests were developed, in order to determine the own biostructure. This can typically be done in 30 minutes.

With their experience very good managers are often able to recognize these personality structures and deal with them appropriately. For the good of the cooperation and from an operational point of view also massively for the good of the economic success of the company.

For whom is the recognition of the biostructure particularly relevant?

Self-knowledge and also the recognition of the personality of the counterpart are thus very important for living together. But also with regard to the suitability for certain professional activities and the cooperation in the team this knowledge should be used. Therefore, every company manager, every executive and every personnel manager should know the basics of the so-called biostructural analysis or personality analysis. They should use this knowledge to assign the “right” people for certain activities. This not only brings more economic success, but also more enjoyment of the work for everyone involved. And last but not least, it leads to less fluctuation. But young people who are about to choose a career or experienced people who want to reorient themselves should also consider the biostructure when choosing a profession.

As an example, a top developer in the lab should certainly have a different personality structure than a sales representative in the field. And so, unfortunately, we find in practice again and again applicants who have been unhappy in their jobs for many years and do not know why. Or bosses are unhappy with the sales representative because he or she is well received by the customer, but does not close any deals. All these things can be explained in many cases with the above mentioned knowledge and show solution approaches.

That is why successful personnel managers and bosses – either knowingly or intuitively – pay attention to these mechanisms. And, of course, career counselors should draw on this knowledge.

Are you interested in your biostructure?

If you, too, would like to further educate yourself in the area explained, then there are various advanced training courses on the market that offer such analysis and understanding tools. These explain the unique and individual patterns of people’s characteristics and how these influence behavior and especially professional life.

We would be happy to provide you with detailed information and look forward to hearing from you.