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Wanner on advertising poster for the Ore Mountains

As described in the previous blog, various advertising campaigns were launched with the ambassadors. For pro-beam systems GmbH, the successful project with Rolls-Royce regarding the special machine for the production of parts of the A380 engine was taken as an opportunity to use a picture of Mr. Wanner with an oversized turbine as an advertising medium for the Erzgebirge. It is meant to symbolise that the Erzgebirge is not to be seen as a “Christmas land” with incense burners and handcrafted wooden pyramids, but has much more to offer. Not only are all the well-known car manufacturers to be found in the region, but also many successful medium-sized companies. These have their know-how forges there. In December 2010, for example, the motif was printed in Spiegel No. 50 on page 82.

Wanner as ambassador for the Ore Mountains

Mr. Wanner was the sole managing director of a high-tech company in Saxony for 3.5 years and served customers such as Audi, VW, Borg-Warner, Continental, Pratt & Whitney, Rolls-Royce worldwide with his team. In addition, research institutes such as ITER, universities, defence companies, alternative energy production companies were also their customers.

Worldwide, there were only two companies that operated at this technologically high level. Furthermore, Mr. Wanner developed the special machinery company – which was not profitable – into a highly profitable company. For these reasons, Mr. Wanner was appointed ambassador of the Erzgebirge by the district administrator Mr. Vogel on 05.07.2010.

A Bavarian in Saxony

It is interesting that Mr. Wanner was able to receive this award as a seasoned Bayer. Company representatives are of the opinion that he was able to convince with his distinctive social competence as a Bavarian in Saxony. Thus, he also gained a popularity there that was not to be foreseen. Even if a sole managing director has to make tough or unpopular decisions for the good of the company, he was always able to communicate them to the company in such a way that they were supported by the employees. In the end, the sustainable successful restructuring of the company and the massive expansion of turnover and earnings clearly shows this.

Even today, Mr. Wanner has very good connections to some employees who regret his departure.

Despite the relocation of his site back to Bavaria, Mr. Wanner uses his very good contacts in Saxony to support the regional economy of both federal states and to use the synergies.

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